To better reflect this year’s new horizons and the evolving emphasis of the travelogue the title has undergone a change.

This time we get a part of the fundamental truth immortalized in 1984 by the adventurer/surgeon/rock musician Buckaroo Banzai.

Year Two

June 30th, 2008

Snow-capped mountains and urban skylines. Golf resorts and ocean access. First Nation roots and cultural diversity. All this and much much more are readily available in the city of Vancouver, which was the area where this travelogue used to focus on.

That was last year, however.

This year Yours Truly invites all the readers and contributors back to the travelogue. It is about time, since starting tomorrow Scandinavian R takes off and begins a journey towards a fresh new destination.

Let’s see what is to be found in there.

There’s something in endings. Today was the last workday before summer holidays. Most of the time was spent in official manner. Then the moment arrives when it is time to finish things up and take the final walk out of the main building.

The immediate surroundings of the inner courtyard, no matter how familiar, bring up a sense of realization which manages to strike deeply.

The gates are already closed and the parking lot is empty. Sunshine blankets the nearby trees. As the secondary exit opens the low rumble of late-afternoon traffic can be heard in the background.

Leaves rustle. A dog barks.

And for a while, I am free.

V -3 days

June 21st, 2007

That which is generally considered to be holiday stress is gone. The conscious mind keeps reminding of the remaining waypoints ahead but otherwise matters seem to be moving at their own pace. Much of this owes thanks to the hours spent organizing the voyage.

A vast pool of readily available and free information is offered to every citizen (at least here at the Point of Origin) and can easily be utilized by the contemporary voyager. The preparations of this intercontinental journey have benefited from access to three sources:

  • Travel agency - provides basic structure, including flights and hotel reservations as well as some options to choose from
  • Internet - area maps, other travelers’ viewpoints and up-to-date information ranging from events to 5-day weather forecasts
  • Local embassy of the Destination Country - official information and further internet links
  • With less than three days to departure, Scandinavian R has begun to count the hours.

    V -4 days

    June 20th, 2007

    Final preparations are underway. Pre-flight inventories have been made, necessary paperwork is done. Only some relatively minor, yet important details and the actual procedures of packing remain.