Wayne’s World

July 4th, 2008

Thursday’s program begins by a pilgrimage to the BCE Place, a passageway designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The utterly stunning arches crowning the passageway connecting two office towers nearly brings a tear in the eye of the real estate -orientated viewer. But the architectural wonder is not the only reason for visiting these surroundings since the national sport of Canada has it’s shrine one level below the ground.

Temple de la Renommée du Hockey (or the Hockey Hall of Fame for the English speaking crowd) houses much of that which forms the national spirit of the country. Inside the temple the sport in question is examined on every level from its beginnings, through its greatest - usually Canadian - heroes and all the way to the most memorable moments in its history.

In the eyes of a foreigner it is possible to see that while the museum resides on Canadian soil much of the attention is given to other leading countries which participate in this highly competitive sports. Even some relatively small Nordic countries get their moments in the highlights.

After several hours spent studying facts and figureheads in the temple of hockey Scandinavian R takes the next step and sets forward to continue the exposure by having a dinner in the only possible restaurant, Wayne Gretzky’s.

Judging from the hockey related gear and material Wayne has probably had his say regarding the athmosphere and decor of this combination of a bar and a restaurant. Once inside Scandinavian R let’s loose and maximises the hockey experience by placing an order for some Gretzky’s Famous Meatloaf (a family recipe) complemented with a bottle of Wayne’s Spring Water and some Canadian lager. Unfortunately Scandinavian R discarded his playoff beard in the bathroom sink before departing for Canada but that aside he is now figuratively and literally full of hockey.

After stepping out to the warm summer evening Scandinavian R spots a sign in the theatre just opposite the restaurant, which depicts a grinning man with a chainsaw in the place of his right hand and a shotgun in the other held by a scantily clad blonde being harassed by a detached palm.

Holding his breath and recalling the patterns of elder signs Scandinavian R sets forth to investigate.

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