July 6th, 2008

Friday was one of the most anticipated days since it would combine the ongoing holiday in Toronto with a happy coincidence, the performance of a Liverpoolean electroclash quartet.

The background for the event - Harbourfront Centre - is a seaside performance area next to docks for small boats and to the imperious CN Tower, this time alight in its evening lights.

The evening’s first performer, Poni Hoax represented the electronic rock genre and had its moments. Even though the band was a little uncut at times, a definite bonus goes to the drummer Vincent Taeger, who got into the whole deal so full-heartedly that the first drum pieces were broken before the end of the premier song.

During the show the crowd remained seated and if not for the few rythmical nods and appaluds between songs could have been mistaken for a bunch of moviegoers. It took a long time for the masses to warm up but eventually they showed more signs of enjoyment. At the darkest hour Scandinavian R hoped that the main performer would garner more enthusiasm from the Torontonians.

And it sure did.

As soon as the first notes were released in the warm summer night the now full crowd suddenly and unexpectedly stood up and were righteously taken over by Ladytron. The band was better than ever before and performed a simply marvelous collection of songs from every stage of their musical career - everything from Seventeen, through High Rise and all the way up to Ghosts from their latest album.

Upon witnessing the behaviour of the excited crowd Scandinavian R made a few observations. Firstly, the expressions of the listeners were wery a little modest, some would say apathetic. Aside from the continuous nodding there were only a few raised hands and even then there were no fully closed fists, rather the index finger was pointed out. This handrelated behaviour seemed both bizarre and unintentionally very amusing.

Secondly, there were no supportive shouts, like the ones Scandinavian R is used to hearing in his North European country of origin. Therefore, proud of his heritage Scandinavian R showed the proper respect and launched both fully closed fists and several supporting comments towards the band, naturally in his own language.

Soon after the main show the Ladytron After Party began with DJ Nasty Nav who at midnight was joined by DJ Mira and DJ Reuben, both of the Ladytron.

In suffices to say that the hour-long main event and the hour-and-a-half afterparty gave Scandinavian R a high rise without any additional chemical stimulants.

And for some truly unknown reason the whole evening at the Harbourfornt Centre was of free of charge.

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